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About us

Beacon Construction Group was founded in 2010 by Brad Carroll and Edward Looper to fulfill their vision of helping people build their dream homes. 

As great friends, fishing and hunting partners as well as successful business associates, they knew starting a business together would be an excellent adventure.  Brad's broad construction expertise and licensing teamed with Edward's extensive financial, real estate and operations experience was a perfect combination.  Initially focusing on a small number of custom homes per year, Beacon has expanded to bring that custom build philosophy and process to include commercial new construction as well as renovations of all types.  We feel strongly that our customers be involved in as many steps of the process they want to and guide them through each step so that, at completion, they not only have their dream home, building or renovation but we have exceeded their expectations.   


We have assembled a team that contains over 60 years of construction experience as well as the office personnel to make sure this process is as smooth as possible.


Please take some time to view our galleries and see the quality and varied scope of our finished projects.

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